Jede Woche duellieren sich Studenten Deutschlands, um den Hochschulmeister in Counter Strike: Global Offensive zu ermitteln oder in eine höhere Spielklasse aufzusteigen. $ 173,272Saudi eLeagues 2020 2020-12-03. Live events. Facebook The main stage for a big esports news. RELATED:  French CS:GO Curse Finally Lifts After BLAST Premier Fall 2020, 1. BLAST Premier was at its best during the Fall Series which took place from October to December. Photo via ELEAGUE CS:GO was … Here are five CS:GO tournaments that made the most out of 2020. S-Tier Tournaments (formerly known as Premier Tournaments) offer an outstanding prize pool, are almost exclusively played offline, and feature the best teams from all over the world. But you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get top skins in your inventory, go to DMarket to find the cheapest CS:GO skins ever. Leave a Comment / video games / By Julis Alexia. FURIA, TYLOO, and Renegades were the winners of their respective regions, with both TYLOO and Renegades facing some stiff competition on their way to winning the event. Ongoing Tournaments Show all . The active life of CS:GO from now on is concentrated around Europe, but things could change in 2021 as ESL announced that they will make several steps to keep CS:GO in North America alive. Home » Tournaments » Assembly Online 2020 CS:GO Casual . This was a particularly difficult year for the tournament organizers as they faced unprecedented challenges and difficulties, especially when it came to maintaining the competitive integrity of the event. 2020-05-01 $ 88,818 One Tap League S1; 2020-09-15 $ 46,084 ESL Meist Autumn 2020; 2020-12-09 $ 45,000 Vulkan Fight Series; 2021-01-11 $ 41,465 UNITED Pro Winter 2020; 2020-12-14 $ 30,658 Funspark Rivals Pre-season; 2020-11-21 $ 29,870 Gjirafa50 Masters S1; 2020-12-10 $ 25,000 UFCA Grand #1; 2020-10-23 $ 10,428 Umzansi League … Information about CS:GO tournaments, matches results and calendar. 2. CS:GO Tournaments Statistics in May 2020 The continuation of the legendary Counter-Strike series. Ongoing CS:GO Tournaments. One Tap League S1 2020-05-01 - 0000-00-00 $88818 ESL Meist Autumn 2020 2020 … Main Matches Tournaments Teams Log In Sign Up. IIM Calcutta's 7 Lakes Tournament. January 2020. 104 Eminem sucks? Leading platform for CS:GO esports tournaments. IceBreak Challenge CS:GO 2020 will be a tournament, that is organized by the BreakChallenge organizers. The COVID-19 pandemic has prevented international LAN events for the most part but there was still quite some exciting CS:GO action to witness. RELATED:  Liquid And G2 Denied Fail to Become The First Ever Two Time DH Masters Champions. News Matches Results Events. ... ESL One Cologne 2020 Tournament Update. Instagram Esports life behind the scenes. However in place we’ve had PLENTY more online tournaments to satiate our hunger with! PUBG Mobile. ️ Matches, Teams, Bracket and Schedule for 2020 MIDNITE Nine to Five Cup 7 (95CUP) CS:GO Online/Offline. Dec 22, 2020. to Dec 25, 2020. Find out all the details you should know about CS:GO Ranking System. Cologne is a real historical town for CS:GO. Information about CS:GO tournaments, matches results and calendar. Dates & Venue. National Student Esports (NSE), is the official body of university esports in the UK. All teams will go from a Closed Qualifier elimination stage to the Finals stage, where the winner will be able to win big prizes. The major was originally scheduled to take place from May 11th to 24th but was postponed to the Autumn Major dates on March 23rd due to the rapidly increasing spread of COVID-19 in Brazil. Ongoing Upcoming Finished All. Online, Europe. Location: Cologne, Germany. [Written By External Partner] With COVID-19 putting restrictions on travel in and out of a lot of countries, LAN tournaments have been few and far between. Русский; English; GT; CS:GO; All events; Matches; CS:GO Events. It obtained an average concurrent viewership of 61,734 along with a peak of 204,826 which was observed during the upper bracket semifinal match between Fnatic and MIBR. CS:GO CS:GO Events; Saudi eLeagues 2020; One Tap League S1; ESL Meist … ESL did a fantastic job of keeping the show running as they made the best out of a bad situation, the tournament could have easily been the biggest flop of the year but quick action by the organizers turned things around for them and the CS:GO community had nothing but respect and applause. 0 5 minutes read. CS:GO Tournaments in 2020 (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5) Loading... Competition is built into the structure of Counter-Strike franchise as the core game mechanic is two teams scoring points in battles against each other with interchangeable siege-defense dynamics. Compete in quality tournaments from the best organizers or create your own space & monetize your community. CSGO Tournaments & Events 2020 . The competitive CS:GO circuit for the year has come to end with the culmination of IEM Global Challenge 2020. 2020.09.09 - Tournois majeurs. 8 Jun 2020. Project C vs NOFEAR5 live results, rosters, VODs and news coverage. RELATED:  Top 6 Controversies That Rocked CS:GO in 2020. / CS:GO / All tournaments / Ongoing. RELATED:  Aleksib Posts an Emotional Message After ESL One Cologne Elimination. All Projects. We operate the British University Esports Championship. CS:GO was one of several major esports that quickly embraced online competition after COVID-19 forced tournament organizers to cancel Friday, December 25, 2020 Contact Form July 16, 2020 After a thorough evaluation we’ve concluded that ESL One Cologne 2020 powered by Intel will transition to an Online Tournament. National Student Esports (NSE), is the official body of university esports in the UK. ESL One: Cologne. 09:50. bo3. Games will have a normal start time of 7.15pm, however teams in the lower bracket of the Championship Bracket may be expected to start early (4:30pm) on the 22nd of November and the 29th of November in order to play an extra match as required. From hilarious and edgy short skits that were uploaded on the daily to the beautiful and motivational player profiles, “content is king” was truly the case for Flashpoint Season 2. Language . Sep 28, 2020. to Oct 4, 2020. January 2020 Live. No Max Slots. Ongoing Recent Upcoming Events series Compare. IEM Katowice 2020 - Last LAN CS:GO Tournament. ️ 2020 MIDNITE Nine to Five Cup 7 (95CUP) Matches Schedule. Pro players and CS:GO fans love tournaments from RFRSH. CSGO 2020 Tournaments & Calendar. Pro players look great during play because they have a combination of variable skins. All Esports Dota 2 LoL Overwatch. … To learn more about cookies and edit your settings, check our cookies page. Instead of a particular team being the highlight, it was actually the content pieces generated by the organizers and their partners during the course of the tournament that blew the community away. 256 Status. Main Matches Tournaments Teams Log In Sign Up. Participant Teams: 16. Ongoing Upcoming Finished All. Core Gamers: 81% of Those Aware of In-Game Cosmetics Want to Trade Skins for Real-World Money, TF2 Audience Figures Over the Last 12 Months. The new format of the BLAST series will give us many more happy memories and moments that we can remember for a long time. As almost all the major CS:GO tournaments were played online the organizers had to come up with various ways to engage with the audience and boost their viewership. Find the best tips in our article to know How to Get a Global Elite in CS:GO. ESL One Rio is the first major in 2020 and the first event of such importance in Brazil. Upcoming. Rank in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the indicator of your level of playing. Upcoming CSGO Events 2020 – Full Schedule. In 2020 the COVID-19 situation turned against offline tournaments. So, ESL had to quickly switch the tournament into a studio event taking place in an empty Spodek Arena with teams competing against each other on the main stage. Compete in quality tournaments from the best organizers or create your own space & monetize your community. Global Elite is the highest CS:GO rank, and everyone wants to reach it. RELATED:  Fan Reaction to Cancelled IEM Katowice Event for Audience Goes Viral. No Max Slots. The organization-owned league might not have had the best CS:GO teams in the world participating in it but the fact that there was a total prize pool of $1 Million USD on the line turned it into quite the tournament. On the three last majors, we saw a massive performance from the Astralis, maybe that will change in Brazil. Here’s a list of every confirmed big event for the year so far and their schedule: Region Locked. CS:GO Events. By using our website, you accept our use of cookies to propose the best user experience and gather useful statistics. Several organizations have disbanded their CS:GO rosters, others have preferred to make a trip to the European tournaments closer to the end of 2020 (MIBR, FURIA, EG and Liquid). This article reviews the main confirmed events for CS:GO in 2020. Counter strike go has gathered around itself a huge community and fan base. CS:GO Tournaments. В рамках мероприятия четыре китайских коллектива в городе Ханчжоу, Китай, поборются за призовой фонд в размере ¥200,000 CNY. There are many chances that ESL will change the format of the EPL Season 12, we should see it soon. Tournaments . Twitter "What's going on" in brief. Lorsque nous avons annoncé le tournoi majeur de Rio, nous avions hâte de permettre à l’une des plus grandes bases de fans de Counter-Strike d’assister à un tournoi majeur CS:GO dans leur région. Game : Counter-Strike: GO Starts : Oct 15th, 19:00 EEST Ends : Oct 17th, 23:00 EEST Assembly Online 2020 Fortnite BR. CS:GO News Matches Events Teams Players. ️ 2020 MIDNITE Nine to Five Cup 7 (95CUP) Matches Schedule. With some of the best CS:GO teams of the time participating in the tournament, just before the start of the playoffs which were supposed to take place at the Spodek Arena in Katowice, the Polish government due to the looming pandemic passed orders which prohibited the gathering of a large audience. Information about CS:GO tournaments, matches results and calendar ESL One Cologne is a great tournament called The Cathedral of Counter-Strike. The same as the Spring Regular Season tournament, the fall will identify a participant of Blast Premier: 2020 Fall Showdown and Blast Premier: 2020 Fall Finals. But the global lockdown will not take away from us beautiful CS:GO moments. With summertime around the corner, plenty CS:GO tournaments are coming up for you to watch again. BLAST Global Final 2020 2021-01-18 - 0000-00-00 $1000000 DreamHack January 2021 2021-01-27 - 0000-00-00 $100000. - Page 13 All current, upcoming and completed Counter Strike eSports events and tournaments. Dates. CS:GO tournaments statistics Prize Pool Peak Viewers Hours Watched . Every month, CS GO games tournaments and championships are held with impressive prize pools. CS:GO Tournaments. Live Tournaments. CS:GO tournament DreamHack November 2020 The tournament was from 1606341600 to 1606600800. PrizePool: $1,000,000. Professional Non-BYOC. But given the situation, they changed the type to online and separated Europe and America into two different competitions. ... marking another year of consistent improvement and making the top cut of all but one of the 17 tournaments they competed in throughout 2020. 5166 points in total. 11 Jun 2020. ESL had to cancel EPL Season 11 in March and April 2020, but they’re planning to hold a new season in the Fall. Sixteen teams at the Lanxess-Arena will consider who will take what part of the $1,000,000 and of course, the Champions Trophy of Cologne. These competitions have a pleasant atmosphere, a high level of organization, and offer huge emotions to any fan. 13-12 -16-01. The aggressive CS:GO circuit for the 12 months has come to finish with the fruits of IEM World Problem 2020. High 5 CS:GO Tournaments That Took Place in 2020. ️ 2020 DreamHack Masters Winter Europe (DHM EU) Matches Schedule. Information about tournaments, matches results and calendar. All current, upcoming and completed Counter Strike eSports events and tournaments. Browse all current, upcoming and completed eSports events and tournaments for CS:GO, updated live with results, schedules, VODs and news coverage.